The Whole Kit n Caboodle Post

I guess. I mean, I don’t know. I haven’t blogged lately because I have so much going on that I have to really focus on. I’m supposed to be talking about quilting and cross stitching so here’s some pictures:

Endless appliqué with frequent cuddle breaks with Janis Joplin the cat  

This Carnival pattern by Carolyn Manning Designs is complete but I intend on getting it professionally framed. Soon. Or someday. Whichever comes first. 

Started Rosie the Rivetor. A kit by Gecko Rouge designed by Point Blank Art and Design. It’s a difficult one. 

I also EPP regularly but hand stitching is slow so we’ll save progress pics for another time. 

I miss my dog. But there’s spring around us so I dip my hands in dirt each day to feel whole, transplanting, seeding, thinning and building. Life moves steadily onward. 

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