Tattoo Quilt Progress Etc

I have finally made some measurable progress on the tattoo quilt. I initially began by make a gray starry background using very traditional piecing as you’ll see further below. Once this came together, I decided it was way too busy and bought the hand-dyed blue batik background you see behind the sun/moon. 

The fabric colors change depending on the time of day. 

I will use the gray starry quilt as another quilt. My husband says he really likes it but it doesn’t really elicit any excitement from me. Sometimes things don’t turn out like the picture in your head. However, I am very pleased with the sun and moon on the blue fabric. I have some ideas on adding color to the borders so we will see how that turns out. 

I got this Kaffe Fassett top finished. It is so lush and beautiful. I’m still thinking about how I should back and quilt it. Any ideas are welcome. It is quite big. 

I had this grand idea to make potholders and sell them on Etsy. Not so grand actually. These potholders are for sale on Potholders Listing but I’m not excited about selling them. I was really meticulous about the quality and they took me many hours to make so I feel like I’m selling part of my soul for $12.95. If you buy them, you will get a superbly made product that is really gorgeous. 

This is stitched from Carolyn Manning Design’s pattern Carnival. I’m 3.5 pages done of 9. 

I’m hand piecing this quilt using a Tula Pink English Paper piecing kit called Marquise. I am over half done finally. Of the kit at least. 

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