Kaffe Fassett Quilt and Tattoo Quilt Progress

img_0868I’m working on a commissioned quilt based on a tattoo. The tattoo is a stained glass effect sun/moon. I’m creating a background of stars in different shades of gray (not to be mistaken for anything nefarious). Then I will applique on the sun/moon in the upper right corner. There are 584 squares and rectangles cut for the background (seen above). I’ve started making stars out of these but I don’t have a decent picture yet.


I got my seeds order for my domestic dye garden. I have plans to acquire other plants besides these but for now I have: coreopsis, marigold, yarrow, cosmos, black hopi dye and red hopi dye amaranth.


While I’m at it, I’m also going to plant a mix of perennial and annual seeds for a tea garden. I enjoy a cup or two of tea each evening. I really want to make my own blends so I bought: lemon bee balm, fenugreek, chicory, chamomile, angelica, echinacea, hyssop and lemon something or other. I already have spearmint plants like weeds that are perennials in my garden. I hope these seeds grow like weeds as well.


While making the Tattoo Quilt, I’m also making this Kaffe Fassett quilt. It has a top and bottom border left to add in brown. I’m using the leftover pieces from it to form this wonderful mosaic that is the background for the sun and moon on the tattoo quilt. Sometimes one quilt inspires another.


And now for some gratuitous pics of Janis Joplin. If I sit on the couch to read, she crawls up on my lap and lays on top of my book while pushing her cold wet nose on my chin. I got her to sort of look at the camera then she immediately went back to rubbing her little face on mine.


No quilt I ever make will be 100% free of cat fur. This is what I have to deal with constantly. I don’t mind.

What are you working on or reading? Please share!

4 thoughts on “Kaffe Fassett Quilt and Tattoo Quilt Progress

  1. I saw your link at Sew Some Love. I’m doing a KF summer quilt for myself. I bought plenty of precuts on sale and am making 16-inch blocks with only five seams. I love the feel of the,fabric, very silky and it doesn’t fray. I love your use of borders and hope to finish mine off in blues.

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