Quilting and other stitching projects


My goal lately has been to create quilts as art. I’ve made plenty of quilts for snuggling up in and even more to give to good causes. But my house is in need of some decorating. I made the above Typed Quilt from a pattern in Modern Quilter magazine. This is our family room in the basement and it is quite stark in there. Everything is neutrals and my husband said he would like to keep it that way (as opposed to the rainbow explosion we have going on upstairs).


I used all the scraps to piece together a back then I used the scraps from the back to piece together this little corresponding wall piece. The basement looks like someone lives in there now. I also just ordered some art pieces for down there. I’ll share when I get them framed and up. They were done by two artists that I discovered on Etsy. I love Etsy.


I finished this cross stitch piece the other day. It is the pattern Map of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings. It is fairly big 14″ x 14″. It took me a year to do. I purchased a mat and frame this morning so I will share an update when it is hanging up in my house. This is pretty epic for me as I usually just toss my finished cross stitch into a rubbermaid bin and forget about them. Lately, I have been picking patterns specifically for decorating my house. It’s a lot more difficult that way, because nearly everything is cute or folksy. And I am not cute or folksy. I like weird and colorful things. This is partly why I have started learning how to create my own cross stitch patterns.


I am working on a lot of things for a charitable organization called One Heartland. A few times each summer they have a camp at Camp Heartland in Willow River, Minnesota. The camp is special because it is specifically for kids ages 7-15 experiencing homelessness who have HIV or AIDS. Last year I rallied everyone together and we donated over 60 quilts. I am working with Quilts Beyond Borders this year to provide 120 quilts. Plus, I am having a pillow drive to make or purchase 120 pillowcases. Each camper leaves with some basic essentials that they probably don’t have already. Like toiletries and bedding. They use their pillowcases to carry much of their stuff home. The quilt top above is going to camp. An Instagram friend donated the middle main part of the top, I added on the borders and now I’m quilting it with my cat’s help as seen in the picture below.


After I get this quilt quilted and bound, I have a steady queue of projects. More on those in another post!

Thanks for reading!


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